New Songs in Demo Format!

We're hard at work in the studio here! In full preproduction mode, in the last weeks we have completed demos for the following songs, which will be available in streaming for a limited time. So far here's what we got:

- K475 W.A.M.: the album opener and the first instrumental, a reimagining of Mozart's Fantasy K475 in Cmi

- Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle (a. Nocturne, b. Rings, c. Lucy): an epic suite in 3 parts which digs into Jack Heisenberg's tragic past and his dramatic conflict with Lucy

- Die Today: an angry song about Lucy and her outlook on her life and the world

- Crusades: the second instrumental on the album, the beginning of the religious crusade started by Cardinal Berengar Yersinia

- Le Chemin: first Rockets cover, illustrates the secret base where Jack Heisenberg has hidden his research team

- Machine Messiah: the second cover on the album, by Yes, explains how brainwashed fanatics gather to their new messiah the Technocrat and his dark eminence Cardinal Berengar Yersinia

- The Arrow: a dark ballad reflecting on the one directional origin of time, entropy and life from Heisenberg's perspective

So far it looks like 4 more songs are in the works, but that could still change :)


Hopy you enjoy them!

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