Tony Mills Loses His Battle Against Cancer

Today is a dark day in the world of '80s rock and well beyond. A shining star in the true sense of the word has left us forever, and the world of AOR is suffering a deafening silence. Tony Mills went to a better place today and his suffering is over. One of the best classic rock singers in history has left us and his voice and his music will shine forever in the hearts and ears of rock fans, friends, family and colleagues. His legacy is artistically astonishing. But what made the difference for me is the man. I worked with countless "bigs" in my life. Tony was one of a kind. Humble, elegant, generous, funny, musically extremely focused, supportive, and most of all POSITIVE. I never met someone like him who faced the shadow with such bravery, courage and serenity. Tony obviously made peace with the world a long time ago, and for me he will be a life teacher forever. I know I'll never be like him, but to try to bring some peace and harmony into this world is what he inspired me to do. And I am most certainly not good at it, but I will try.

Black Swan Productions, myself, the entire Docker's Guild lineup, all the organizers, labels, sponsors as well as the other bands unite in sending our deepest condolences to Tony's wife Linda Mills for her loss. Nobody has been braver and more loyal in taking care of him than her. You're a hero Linda.

Now, sadly, on to business... as good Freddie famously said, the show must go on, and it will. The Tony Mills Festival will go on as planned, with extra strenth and purpose after this sad day. And we'll make it a party to celebrate Tony's life and music that will echo from here to heaven and south. We will make him proud. Godspeed Tony, now you found the peace you tried so hard to spread down here. I love you my friend, and will miss you forever. ❤️❤️❤️

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