You think you’re living on the planet of freedom

Ignoring that your evolution’s just about to end

Because we had complete control before you left the waters

You’re just another carbon-based disgusting form of life

We’re a techno-organic race

And of you we will leave no trace

You cannot save your land

We hold you in our hand

Another world will perish, made of men

Your mud ball will collapse

As thousands in the past

No mercy has the Mystic Technocracy

Watch out ‘cause worshiping your gods won’t save you

Your Holy Church has killed and murdered for a thousand years

You Christians, Jews and Arabs fight for the same God thanks to us

We dominate your world of doubt and pitiful beliefs

We control your destiny

And we feed your insanity

Soon will you decay (soon will you decay)

From reality will you fade (from reality will you fade)

You, no Savior or Messiah can, He, save

In another galaxy (in another galaxy)

A race crawls out of sea (a race crawls out of sea)

Terminated by the Mystic Technocracy


Words & Music: Douglas R. Docker