a. The Secret of DNA (Part 1)


Somewhere in France a secret lab

The quest for life slowly reaches the end

Silence remains – Science has failed

One man and his mind have found the way

The secret of DNA

The missing link, the truth he understands

Solution is not at hand

We’re going down

It’s gonna come

And nothing can be done

DNA – Are we losing control (4x)

Something unknown, long time ago

The human race was artificially changed

It’s late to hate, destroy, create

They must’ve had an answer in the past

The secret of DNA

Researchers were sent around the world

The ancient gods now must be heard

We can’t die

We will try

To survive

And stay alive

b. Purple Orb

Sixty days have passed

And they still don’t know what they are looking for

From the Pyramids to the Easter Island stones

When all hope is lost

To the Holy City in Palestine they go

Where they find a shrine to the heathen Templar god

In the darkness of the room they remove the sacred stone

And the space is filled with purple magic mist

So the search goes underground as they go after the light

When at last they reach an alien hidden cave

To describe what they are seeing | Help me

Words are not enough | I don’t want to know

A gigantic purple sphere that’s | What they found, where we’ll go

Glowing from within | Where do we go from here?

Unexplainable machines that | Blind me

They can’t understand | God what have you done?

Incredible technology here | Where were you? Yes you knew!

For three billion years | Blessed be all ignorance

So they stay and start the research

Collecting information as they learn

The Technocrat, the human race

Where’s the link in time and space?

It cannot be the only one so where are they?

We are not alone

And somewhere in France a man is walking home

And he wonders if the quest has just begun

Has the missing link

Anything to do at all with what they’ve found?

There is much to do

As he knows the quest for life has just begun

c. The Secret of DNA (Part 2)

Are we losing control? (5x)

Ta ta da ta da da – Ta – Ta (4x)

Help me

I don’t want to know

What they found, where we’ll go

Where do we go from here?

Blind me

God what have you done?

Where were you? Yes you knew!

Blessed be all ignorance

Are we losing control? (4x)

We can’t die

We will try

To survive

And stay alive

You think you’re living on the planet of freedom

Ten years since we left the Earth

See Blue Diamonds set the Order of the Swan

The human race


Words & Music: Douglas R. Docker, Mio Jäger