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S.O.S. Space: 1999 - New Video Teaser! 

Hello Docker's Guild fans! Here's a little teaser for the upcoming video. It's also time to give you some info on the song. The song is called S.O.S. Space: 1999 and it's the Italian closing titles for the second season of 1970's TV sci-fi series Space 1999 (Official Gerry Anderson fans, I'm sure you know!), and was only available in Italy. It was recorded for the "Book A" album and was not included on it. It was released as a gift only to the superfans who helped fund the album on PledeMusic at the time. More news on the song later, but we thought you'd like to keep busy while we work on Season 2 :)

New Video! 

Hello everyone, first of all apologies for the hiatus, but my father's long illness and death in January took its toll, family still comes first so Docker's Guild went on standby for way too long.

Now the good news! Docker's Guild fans have requested a video and you shall have one :) We will therefore release, in the near future, a video version of S.O.S, a song from the Book A sessions that was released only as a gift track to the fans that helped crowdfund the album. More news about the tune later. The song features Helly (Cattivator of Death, Killin' Baudelaire, who won the "best drummer in the world" in the Hit Like a Girl worldwide contest in 2017) on drums, Anna Portalupi (Hardline, Tarja Turunen) on bass, Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper) on guitars, Douglas R. Docker (Vivaldi Metal Project, Biloxi) on vocals and keyboards and Valentina Procopio on backing vocals. Stay tuned!

New album release dates! 

Hello everyone! Look what the cat dragged in ;)

Docker's Guild second album,"The Heisenberg Diaries - Book A: Sounds of Future Past" will be released on the following dates: 
1. Digital release on Lion Music: 21 January 2016
2. CD release with joint venture on Rock Company*/Black Swan Records: 26 February 2016

Also, a new video trailer has been uploaded for you to watch. Learn all about Jack Heisenberg and his diary which links Seas on1 to upcoming Season 2!

Record deal! 

Here is the big news! I have finally managed to secure a record deal. Docker's Guild second album "The Heisenberg Diaries - Book A: Sounds of Future Past" will be released early next year as follows:
1. Digital release on Lion Music (late January)
2. CD release with joint venture on Rock Company*/Black Swan Records (late February)

I can't thank Lars Mattson and Peter Cox enough for believing in the project and the album and for seeing its potential. They saved DG from total oblivion :)

Drum sessions with Elisa Montin 

Last week we recorded Elisa Montin's drums at Alessandro Del Vecchio's studio, Ivory Tears Music Works. I was stunned by Elisa's drumming skills and professionalism. Twnty years old of pure musical genius nad kindness. I'll let the videos speak for themselves:

1. Elisa announces her participation on the project

2. Elisa's sessions at Alessandro Del Vecchio's studio.This is also a foretaste of the exclusives you will get when the crowdfunding campaign starts. Most of these materials will be available only on PledgeMusic. More news on that later.

3. A fun bloopers video of Elisa's "best moments" ;)