"The Mystic Technocracy - Season 2: The Age of Entropy" Track List

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The Story

The dark descent of Jack Heisenberg as he tries to save the world while losing everyone he loves...

The Cast

Special Guests

Helly: drums
Stefano Aglì: drums
Anna Portalupi: bass
Luca Pisu: bass
Roby Salvai: bass
Giorgio Novarino: bass
Joel Hoekstra: guitars
Sascha Paeth: guitars
Nita Strauss: guitars
Mio Jäger: guitars
Toni Urzì: guitars
Luigi Iamundo: guitars
Douglas R. Docker: bass, keyboards, vocals, extreme vocals, spoken voice
Anneke Van Giersbergen: vocals
Amanda Somerville: vocals
Elizabeth Andrews: extreme vocals
Valentina Procopio: vocals
Anna Petracca: vocals
Serena Moine: vocals

Alberto Macerata: recording engineer
Mixed by Neil Kernon
Produced by Douglas R. Docker

Artwork and booklet design by CA Beckston


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