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To celebrate the release of Docker's Guild new album, the Official Docker's Guild Store has been completely revamped as follows: 

1. "Book A" t-shirts are now available in all sizes (S to XXL) 
2. Many extremely rare items have been added, such as old audio cassette demos from the '90s (Docker's Guild and Area 51 stuff, but also the now legendary Biloxi debut album from 1993 [already sold out, sorry]) 
3. SALE: most items from "Season 1" are now discounted to up to 33% until stocks are emptied. 

Go take a look! This is your chance to complete your collection of DG related merch. 

NB: all items preceding the new "Book A" album and related merch will NOT be reprinted, this is one time offer. When they're gone, they're gone :) 

Thanks as always for the support and see you next month! 


Special Silver and Gold Christmas Packages! 

If you don't know what to get for Christmas, or if you want to complete your Docker's Guild collection, here is your chance!

The SILVER CHRISTMAS PACKAGE allows you to get the entire Docker's Guild CD + merchandizing collection for only €35 (instead of €44.50).

With the GOLD CHRISTMAS PACKAGE you get the Silver Package plus other goodies from my '90s bands Area 51 and Biloxi, all for €50 instead of €66.50.

This offer is valid until 31 December 2013. Don't miss this opportunity while helping to finance Docker's Guild upcoming album!