Crowdfunding Campaign Launched!

Dear friends and fans,

Docker's Guild's second album titled "The Heisenberg Diaries - Book A: Sounds of Future Past" is finally finished!

Today we celebrate this by launching the crowdfunding campaign in partnership with PledgeMusic. We have prepared over 30 really unique and exciting exclusives for you. Ranging from a basic digital album download (€10), through all kinds of merchandizing, never before heard preproduction demos and documentaries, all the way to the highest honor of all, the credit of executive producer (€5000). You will be part of an exciting journey which only the pledgers will have access to, and contribute in financing not only this album, but also in setting the beginning of production for Docker's Guild 3rd album, "The Mystic Technocracy - Season 2: The Age of Entropy".

We can only do it with your help. Help us carry on the dream!

A few links:
Crowdfunding Campaign Page
"The Heisenberg Diaries - Book A: Sounds of Future Past" Digital EPK
Docker's Guild Official YouTube Channel
Docker's Guild Official FaceBook Page



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