Vivaldi Metal Project

Great news regarding the Vivaldi Metal Project!

Prog legend Rick Wakeman (Yes) joins the project, which means I will be sharing keyboard duties with "the master". This is a truly humbling experience for me as well as a huge, unexpected honor.

In December I also finished arranging and recording my contribution to the Vivaldi Metal Project. I'm very happy and proud about the feedback I got :). Thank you Vivaldi Metal Project for having me on board!

" "Hi Douglas.
first of all .... GREAT ... EPIC ... MAJESTIC !!! Perfectly spectacular! Considering that this is only the demo ... when we'll record it with musicians it will be the apotheosis !!!

What to add .. I really love it, great job with vocals and choir as well as it buzzed in my head and exactly how I figured the opening of the opera! Accurate and logical arrangement to create that symphonic and epic Metal (but not tawdry) as I wanted ... You made me happy and I think you will make happy as well all those that will hear it!!

As for the vocals "building-up" you get a 10/10! Concerning the lyrics, the idea and the "quotes" and "literary references" are the best you could have done!

Douglas really awesome work, you made me very happy as I think Alberto ... here you showed top-class skills!

I would have wished that Mr. Antonio Vivaldi could listen... Bye for now, gonna to listen it again...

All the best,

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